Don’t miss out — mark your calendars for Native Plant Month! This year, the Portland chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon (NPSO) will be promoting a month-long celebration of native plants throughout May 2018. Native Plant Month (NPM) draws inspiration from the NPSO’s statewide Native Plant Appreciation Week, and is packed with fun-filled and educational events coordinated by NPSO-Portland, partnering organizations, and friends.  All of the featured events share a theme of supporting greater appreciation and knowledge of our local native plants, and highlight the importance of protecting and preserving these valuable species.

The Native Plant Society of Oregon (NPSO) has been working tirelessly since 1961 for plant and habitat protection and restoration. NPSO works to conserve threatened and endangered species by carrying out rare plant surveys and monitoring programs, developing guidelines and policy regarding native plant gardening, ethics, grazing, mining, and forest management, and working on plant salvage and re-introduction. The Portland chapter also sponsors field trips and work parties, involving the public in learning about and conserving Oregon’s diverse plant heritage, and promotes community awareness of native plants through events such as Native Plant Month.  

Click here to become a member of the NPSO today!


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