Stewardship Event: Friends of the Columbia Gorge

Date: Saturday, May 4
Time: Refer to registration site (link below)
Location: Balfour-Klickitat Loop Trail, WA
Leader: Mika Barrett (Friends of the Columbia Gorge)

Join the Friends of the Columbia Gorge and the U.S. Forest Service in removing invasive plants that pose a threat to native plants in the Gorge. Along the Balfour-Klickitat Loop Trail in Washington, volunteers will contribute to a larger restoration project that was started in spring 2018 to remove an infestation of European houndstongue, which is poisonous to wildlife, spreads prolifically, and can displace native vegetation.  Registration is required. For more information, and to register, click here. (**Please note, the Angel’s Rest stewardship event originally scheduled for May 25th has been postponed to June 1st; for more information and to register for that event, click here.**)


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