In a Wild Setting: Garden Inspiration and Native Plant Learning

Date: Sunday, May 19th
Time: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
Location: Camassia Nature Preserve, 5000 Walnut St, West Linn, OR
Leader: Zak Weinstein, Plantzy Gardens and Designs

Come find out what you can learn for your garden while walking through native plant communities. You will be encouraged to take notes on species that are inspiring to you, maybe even make some sketches. Also, if you wish, make lists of species you observe growing together and other characteristics of the landscape where they are found. Are these conditions in your yard, could they be accentuated for the species you encounter, or could they even be created?

This hike will allow time for personal observation and for the leader to individually answer questions as we encounter species along the trail. Zak has worked as a botanist in multiple plant communities in Oregon and studied botany at OSU.

This event is sponsored by Plantzy Gardens and Designs, a business Zak is starting.

Click here to Register.   Bring pencil and paper.

20170506_143435 (1)

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