Fort Cascades National Historic Site: Field Trip – May 12

Date: Saturday, May 12
Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Location: Fort Cascades Historic Trail, WA
Leader:  Roland Begin (Friends of the Columbia Gorge)

Join environmental educator Roland Begin for an educational hike to uncover the rich cultural history of this area, beginning with the Chinook-speaking tribes who lived along “Big River” and extending to the days of the EuroAmerican pioneers and the events around Fort Cascades. As we go, we’ll find native plants and learn their ethnobotanical uses. We’ll also spend some time discussing the role of fire in forest ecology as we look to the opposite side of the river to Oregon. Afterwards, for those interested, we can carpool to a nearby pioneer cemetery where famous residents of Fort Cascades and some tribal members from that era are buried. Event led by Friends of the Columbia Gorge.

Space is limited *Currently Waitlisted* Click here for more info and to register.



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