Elk Rock Island Paddle and Plant Walk – May 1

Date: Tuesday, May 1
Time: 5:00-8:30pm
Location: Elk Rock Island, Portland
Leaders: Mary Bushman (City of Portland) and Marci Krass (Willamette Riverkeeper)

Elk Rock Island is located on the Willamette River just offshore from the City of Milwaukie boat ramp just south of Portland (about 20 minutes south of the Hawthorne Bridge). Elk Rock Island is owned and managed by Portland Parks and Recreation. If you love to explore the flora and fauna of oak and prairie habitats (Saxifraga occidentallis, Lomatium triternatum, Fritillaria affinis, Piperia elegans, Plagiobothrys figuratus, Gratiola ebracteata), Elk Rock Island is a great place for those explorations. Vernal pools on the island are particularly interesting. City staff has been monitoring unique plants, water quality, and critters in the vernal pools. On this boat trip you will experience the 13-acre island from the water and on foot. Registration is required due to the limited number of canoes. Event led by Willamette Riverkeeper.

Willamette Riverkeeper will be providing use of canoes, personal flotation devices, and paddles free of charge.  No paddling experience is necessary. If you have your own boat and plan to bring it along, please let us know when you register.

Space is limited. Click here to register and for more information.


Photo: City of Portland




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