Canemah Bluff Natural Area: Field Trip – May 2

Date: Wednesday, May 2
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Location: 815 4th Ave., Oregon City, OR
Leader: Jason Clinch

Join us for an NPSO-led tour of Metro’s Canemah Bluff Natural Area above the historic riverboat community of Canemah, just off of US 99E south of downtown Oregon City.  This natural area features restored meadows full of Camas, Brodiaea, Lilies, Rosy Plectritis, and oak and fir woodlands with many other native plants.  The diversity of habitats include Oregon white oak and Pacific madrone. Metro’s science team has removed invasive plants and strategically thinned trees that compete with oaks to help restore the oak habitat for the plants and animals that depend on it. The 2013 Natural Areas Levy has enabled Metro to improve access for all people by adding ADA access, improving the trails through the prairie, and by adding a nice overlook feature with subtle art installations along the way from local artists.

Space is limited to 12 people. *This outing is currently waitlisted.* To add your name to the waitlist, contact the hike leader (Jason Clinch) at or 503-706-2404. Parking is very limited, so please carpool.

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