Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank Open House

Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank Open House

Date: Monday, April 24

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank, Science and Research Training Center, Portland State University

Description: The Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank & Plant Conservation Program was established in 1983, and currently holds seed representing over 350 of our region’s rarest and most vulnerable plants. We were the first seed bank in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to the conservation of rare native plants. Come see what a seed lab is all about. Take a peek at the seeds of a multitude of Oregon plant species under the stereo microscope. Watch a slideshow of some of our rarest and loveliest plant species. Enjoy some evening nibbles. Find out about our new community science program, Citizen’s Rare Plant Watch, which was originally founded by NPSO volunteers, and is dependent on dedicated volunteers for its existence. A kind of serious treasure hunt for rare plant populations, CRPW provides crucial support to public agencies across the state that are tasked with preserving our natural riches. We’ll tell you what we’ve done and what we’ve learned so far, and about upcoming opportunities to explore Oregon lands while serving your northwest community.

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