Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge – Canceled Due to Late Spring Flowering

Date: Saturday, April 29th

Time: 8:30am

Location: Gateway Transit Center (meeting point)

Leaders: Ron Klump and Don Hardin

Description: There is a wealth of native plant attractions on the other side of the Columbia River in Washington, and they too celebrate Native Plant Appreciation Week. Ron Klump, the field-trip coordinator for the Portland Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon, is teaming up with Don Hardin, the President of the Suksdorfia Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society, who is quite knowledgeable of the plants found in his area. Conboy Lake NWR is one of his favorite places to botanize. There are over 70 species of plants, many of which will be flowering during NPAW. You’ll see some eastern species that don’t range closer to Portland, and many you might be familiar with, like the coralroot orchid or Corallorhiza.

We will be taking the Willard Springs Foot Trail, a 3.8-mile easy loop along the edge of the open marsh and into the pines, stopping often to observe plants. Beginning at the refuge headquarters, it parallels the west shore of the old Conboy Lake lakebed, with views across the lakebed and north to Mount Adams.

*Hike limited to 16 participants* Register by contacting Ron Klump at For further hike details contact Don Hardin at

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